The world’s growing global population demands more food, fuel, fiber, and feed. This demand drives the expansion of industrial-scale agriculture and infrastructure and extractive industries, resulting in massive deforestation, conflict over land, and violations of forest peoples’ rights. As forests are lost, so is their ability to provide clean air, fresh water, medicines, and support to livelihoods and biodiversity. Deforestation also fuels climate change—worsening global poverty and hunger and threatening human health and security.

Globally, finance that promotes deforestation outpaces funding for forest protection by 40 to 1. But if the right policies, practices, and finance were in place, the world could produce sufficient food and forest products sustainably, and in ways that protect the climate. Forests are essential to a more secure and sustainable future for people and planet.


AT THE GLOBAL LEVEL, we support international policies, programs, and finance that that help conserve forests and lands, and increase their ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere, while securing the rights and livelihoods of indigenous peoples and rural communities, and protecting biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Where we focus


The Global Initiative promotes forests and sustainable land use within international climate and development arenas—highlighting not only the mitigation potential but also associated social, environmental, and economic benefits.

We support efforts in the following areas:

  • International forest policy and funding
  • Secure land and resource rights
  • Deforestation- and conflict-free commodities
  • High standards for infrastructure and extractives
  • Awareness of forests as a climate solution


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