Our work is linked by our crosscutting focus on:

  • Shifting the expansion of commodity production away for native forests and peatlands
  • Increasing recognition of traditional peoples’ rights to forest lands and resources
  • Establishing policy incentives for reducing emissions
  • Increasing transparency and strategic communications
  • Strengthening local capacity

In its 2018-22 Strategy, CLUA is expanding its focus to additional priorities including natural carbon capture, impacts of infrastructure and extractive industries, and climate-smart diets. We are also assessing the opportunities for expanded engagement in the Amazon Region, including in Colombia and Peru, and we are monitoring developments in the Congo Basin. Further details on the new strategy will be available by mid-year.

Where We Work


At the global level, we aim to support public and private sector policies and finance that help achieve large cuts in greenhouse gas emissions from land use, and improve the land rights of indigenous peoples and rural communities.


In Brazil, we aim to support the Brazilian government’s efforts to reduce deforestation in Amazon by 80%.


In Indonesia, we aim to support a shift to a low-emissions rural economy that enhances local livelihoods and reduces greenhouse gas emissions from forests and peatlands.

Mexico & Central America

In Mexico and Central America, we aim to support reducing forest emissions in Mexico to zero by 2020 and reducing emissions in Central America by 75%, while sharing lessons with other regions.

United States

In the United States, we aim to support reductions in net greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. agriculture by 20% by 2020 and demonstrate the feasibility of such action to other major agricultural nations.