We support policies, practices, and partnerships that halt and reverse forest loss, advance sustainable land use and development, and secure the rights and livelihoods of indigenous and forest communities. Our grantmaking is linked by our cross-cutting support for:

  • Effective land use policy and finance
  • Secure community rights and management
  • Deforestation- and conflict-free agricultural commodities
  • Strong standards and transparency for infrastructure and extractive industries
  • Natural carbon capture
  • Healthy diets/healthy planet
  • Awareness of forests and lands as climate solutions

Where We Work


Globally, we aim to reduce climate change by supporting policies, programs, and finance that conserve forests and their role as carbon sinks, while securing indigenous peoples’ and rural communities’ rights and livelihoods, and protecting biodiversity, food and water security.


In Brazil, we aim to mitigate climate change by reducing deforestation and storing carbon in Brazil’s Amazon and Cerrado biomes while promoting conservation, sustainable natural resource use, and equality and rights for forest communities.


In Indonesia, we support efforts to reduce emissions from forest and peatlands in ways that secure indigenous peoples’ land rights, enhance local livelihoods, and contribute to sustainable development.

Mexico & Central America

We aim to protect forests and the climate by strengthening indigenous and community land rights and forest management in Mexico & Central America, and by sharing experiences from the region with forest communities and countries around the world.