The Alliance is a collaborative initiative of:

ClimateWorks Foundation

The Margaret A. Cargill Foundation and Good Energies Foundation work in alignment with the Alliance.



The Climate and Land Use Alliance brings together diverse, complementary perspectives to help identify and support land use policies and practices that contribute to:

  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Sustained rural economies
  • Land rights for traditional communities
  • Biodiversity protection
  • Watershed protection
  • Increased resilience


The Climate and Land Use Alliance's mission is to realize the potential of forested and agricultural landscapes to mitigate climate change, benefit people, and protect the environment.



Brazil_182pxIN BRAZIL, we aim to contribute to the Brazilian government’s efforts to reduce deforestation in the Amazon region by 80%. DETAILS »

Indonesia_182pxIN INDONESIA, we aim to support a shift to a low-emissions rural economy that enhances local livelihoods and reduces greenhouse gas emissions from forests and peatlands. DETAILS »

Mexico_182pxIN MEXICO & CENTRAL AMERICA, we aim to help cut forest emissions in Mexico to zero by 2020 and reduce emissions in Central America by 75% in ways that protect the rights and improve the incomes of indigenous peoples and rural communities, while sharing lessons with other regions. DETAILS »

US_182pxIN THE UNITED STATES, we aim to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. agriculture by 20% by 2020 and demonstrate the feasibility of such action to other major agricultural nations. DETAILS »

Global_182pxAT THE GLOBAL LEVEL, we aim to support public and private sector policies and finance that help achieve large cuts in greenhouse gas emissions from land use, and improve the land rights of indigenous peoples and rural communities. DETAILS »

Part of our commitment to being an effective organization is evaluating our progress as we work toward these aims.


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