The Climate and Land Use Alliance seeks to realize the potential of forests and land use to mitigate climate change, benefit people, and protect the environment. By bringing together our resources, and diverse expertise, the Alliance seeks to promote viable solutions and mobilize greater funding to conserve forests and more sustainably use land —for the benefit of people and the planet.

We’re a collaborative of foundations that believe forests and sustainable land use are an essential part of the global response to climate change. Our member foundations include:

ClimateWorks Foundation

The Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies and Good Energies Foundation work in alignment with the Alliance.



The Climate and Land Use Alliance brings together diverse, complementary perspectives to help identify and support land use policies and practices that contribute to:

  • Effective land use policy and finance
  • Secure community rights and management
  • Deforestation- and conflict-free agricultural commodities
  • Strong standards and transparency for infrastructure and extractive industries
  • Natural carbon capture
  • Healthy diets/healthy planet


The Climate and Land Use Alliance's mission is to realize the potential of forested and agricultural landscapes to mitigate climate change, benefit people, and protect the environment.



Brazil_182pxIn Brazil, we aim to mitigate climate change by reducing deforestation and capturing and storing carbon in Brazil’s Amazon and Cerrado biomes while promoting conservation, sustainable natural resource use, and equality and rights for forest communities. DETAILS »


In Indonesia, we aim to support a shift to a low-emissions rural economy that enhances local livelihoods and reduces greenhouse gas emissions from forests and peatlands. DETAILS »

Mexico_182pxWe aim to protect forests by strengthening indigenous and community land rights and forest management in Mexico & Central America and by sharing experiences from the region with forest communities and countries around the world. DETAILS »

Global_182pxGlobally, we aim to reduce climate change by supporting policies, programs, and finance that conserve forests and their role as carbon sinks, while securing indigenous peoples’ and rural communities’ rights and livelihoods, and protecting biodiversity, food and water security. DETAILS »

Part of our commitment to being an effective organization is evaluating our progress as we work toward these aims.


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